Essential Reasons Why You Should Rekey The Locks On Your New Home


You have to know that a lot of individuals have the copies of the locks of the home that you have just bought and the worst thing is that you can’t tell who has them and where they are it can actually be unpredictable to tell the number of people who have the keys of those locks.Even if you had ordered the home right from the ground, you cannot manage also to keep track of how many times the keys have been duplicated over time.Truly speaking, the security of your home could be compromised in one way or the other. To be certain of the security of your new home, you will have to call a reliable Philadelphia master keying locksmith who is going to do the rekeying of your locks. There are numerous benefits of rekeying the locks of your home. Analyzed below are some of the reasons why you should consider it important to rekey the locks when you buy a property.

You want to keep off strangers

You need to understand that apart from the realtors who sold the house to you, there are several other parties like the contractors who could have been given the keys for renovations, the previous tenant also had the copy of keys among many other individuals who could have the access to the house.  You should, therefore, see the essence of why it is crucial to rekey your locks. Philadelphia rekeying will guarantee you that no one has an access to your home unauthorized.

You can select the individuals to give the keys

A lot of cases with the police are of how houses were broken without indications of how they were broken. This implies that there were individuals who had the keys of the house. Having rekeyed your locks is the best option because you can easily decide on the individuals who you want to have an access to your property.

You can now feel secure in your new home

You want to be assured of optimal protection  when you move to a new place. One of the things that homeowners lie themselves is that by having the security lights and the hidden surveillance cameras is enough security for their new homes, but little do they know that they have done almost nothing to beef the security if they do not have the new set of keys for the locks of their new homes.


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